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Kristina, Photographer at Of Light and Lens Photography

About Kristina - Photographer

Hi! I'm Kristina! Photographer at Of Light and Lens Photography.

What brings me here?

A tale of two Chemistries

Once upon a time, I went to uni, and got a degree in Chemistry. And I went and worked in industry for nearly 20 years...

...and then...

...I decided I preferred working with that OTHER type of chemistry.

I mean the type that comes from people. People interacting, telling their stories. Which creates beautiful magic better than in any lab.

Now I get to marry the scientific and the creative to produce true magic with my tools, magic "of light and lens".

I love to capture all sorts of images. But I do have to say my favourites are families - including the furry family members; and children, and dancers. The things I love having great photos of myself are also the things I'd love to photograph for you.

Kristina and her family at Pandanus Beach
Kristina at Pandanus Beach

Why daycare, dance, and doggies?

I'll be the first to admit, I've got a bit of a mix going on here. But look again. They have a very important thing in common - gorgeous and important subjects! Your children, your family, your pets, your hobbies and your sport are all precious parts of our lives.

Looking back on old family photographs is a pleasure. And to hand down the pleasure that looking back on old photos brings needs us to take and preserve more family photos. I have two gorgeous children of my own, and I can barely believe how fast they change. Little kids are so cute. Apparently it's something to do with survival! I admit it, "lucky they're cute" has been uttered by me on occasion! I think school and daycare photos are a great chronicle of childhood years, and I have embarked upon Daycare and Kindy photography in an effort to provide truly great photos of these fleeting years in your child's life.

I love my cat. Even if he won't let us get a dog. So I have to make do by photographing other people's instead. Oh, and I will photograph cats too. Spike has given me plenty of practice in cat approved photography techniques. And other pets. Sometimes it can take a bit of time, but it's so worth the patience. I am also a big believer that pets are part of the family, and they totally deserve my efforts to take fantastic shots of them!

And finally - dance - how did that bit sneak in? No, I didn't study ballet as a child. I didn't get involved in dance till an adult, when I took up Middle Eastern Dance (yes, better known as belly dance). The beauty of the dancers, their costumes and their motion is somewhat of a late love compared to many little girls. However, to capture those elements into a timeless frame of beauty is a challenge I relish.

Thanks to Di East at Photo Prose Creative for the photos of me and my family.

Bellydancers line up onstage in clsoing bars of 30 dancers for 30 years performance